Whatever is Commendable

Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is commendable…think about these things”

When Paul is encouraging us to think on what is commendable, we are being encouraged to think about that which receives good reports or is well spoken of, that is highly regarded.  This is the classic, good / best distinction.  There are lots of things that we could think about that are good, but are they the best?

Are we setting our minds on the excellent, the best or on just the average and good?  As Christians, to be thinking about Christ, and thinking about what is commendable is to be having our minds set on the best things, the most praiseworthy.  DA Carson says it this way, “One of the sovereign remedies against sin is to spend much time, thoughtful time, meditative time, in the Scriptures, for it is impossible to get rid of the trash in our minds without replacing it with an entirely different way of thinking.”

If Jesus is the most highly exalted one, then any time spent contemplating and considering why he is the best will be richly rewarded by the fruit of apprehending truth about him that enables us to value him more and praise him more.  We replace the trashy and even what is merely good with the best, which is knowing God in Christ.

And deepening in appreciation and praise of God gives him great praise. It glorifies God when we commend him and praise him in our thoughts.  When we are esteeming him highly.  The fruit of growing in our estimation of Christ is that we get to enjoy more of him and understand him more because we are showing Him to be best.  To be supreme.