Whatever is Just

Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is just…think about these things.”

Just, justice, righteous, righteousness all come from the same root word in greek.  In Philippians 4:8 Paul is not using the term in a specialized theological way, but in the broadest possible sense as “those who live according to the divine standard.” (O’Brian) To have a just measurement or weight is to have one that conforms to the standard.  To love what is just and to think about what is just is to think about things that are righteous according to the standard of God.

Jesus is perfectly just.  He always lived according to God’s standard.  He was always righteous and never deviated from the standard of righteousness.   We’re not righteous in our natural, sinful state.  Romans tells us that there is no one righteous, no not one.

But not only is Jesus just, but he is the justifier.  Through Jesus we are justified before God.  We meet the standard God requires, not because we attained it, but because Jesus provided His righteousness to us by grace through faith.

So now as Christians, to think about whatever is just or righteous is to uphold that which is righteous in God’s sight.  To seek to have his standard for what is just and righteous be our standard. To cling personally and tell others that the only standard for righteousness is found in Christ alone.  If we want to be Christ-centered in our thinking, we need to be constantly reminding ourselves where our righteousness comes from, thinking about the righteousness of Christ that is now ours. That our thinking would be according to the standard of God’s righteousness.  That we would uphold the Son as the Father makes known the Son.